Elite athletes, super successful entrepreneurs, star performers, those who began with nothing and created empires of influence, these are the stories given us about greatness. Of course these role models are to be celebrated – they’re inspiring!

But. These stories split up people, set up distancing ranks. The stars in an elite tier with their massive achievements and tangible symbols of success. Us, everyone else presumably on the edges of greatness.

There’s something screwy with this.

Pina Bausch Dance photographed by Andrea Mohin

You see, after much contemplation what I’ve come to realise is:
Greatness is not something you become, it’s what you already are.

It’s not defined exclusively by your known to the whole world achievements and accumulated worldly successes – those can be the inevitable by-products, if you choose them – but greatness is already what you are at your core, what you get to decide to bring forth every day, or not.

To summon it and direct it into the world takes alert practice, ferocious decisiveness, persistence, strong character, and abundant energy. Every day, as we face life’s ups and downs, as we stumble, feel confused, frustrated, overwhelmed – each day we must peel away the fear, or stuckness, or settled-for-drudgeryness, or playing small.

During this unprecedented covid 19 moment that we’re living through, we’ve been thrust inward, challenged to ferret our inner resources. But just look around, in your own niche, despite the natural panic, pain and uncertainty, just notice the ordinary great people stepping up and delivering powerful humanity – caring words, monetary donations, free classes, offers of assistance.

Greatness belongs not to the select few, nor is it arrived at, at some point down the road. For it pulses and sparkles as powerful potential at the core of each of us, right now.