With the passing of time, we grow older, don’t we? Everyone does, no exceptions. Time passes, change happens. On and on life unravels, we become more. The clock ticks steadfastly, we grow older.

It’s natural, right? Normal. The way life simply is. The unfolding according to grand laws of nature.

Not so fast, says Cindy Gallop – fearless cultural critic, advertising guru, sex-tech entrepreneur, avowed disruptor – there’s a kink in this so called natural progression. The twisted-tangle according to Gallop is that women who reach their late 50’s and beyond become “invisible” in our culture, find themselves in a vague greyness – increasingly unseen, unheard, made redundant.

Cindy Gallop

But Gallop who professes to “like to blow up shit” is doing just that, by confronting this state of affairs with a galumphing hell no! In the process, she offers some interesting suggestions.

Say your Age, Be your Age

Did you, like me, grow up with the unsaid-said idea that women should never tell their age? And why was it, do you suppose? Had to be that the women around us hoped to be thought of as, in fact, younger than their real age, right? What a bore. Really a silly game not worth playing, since everyone anyway knows exactly what age everyone else is, even when they charmingly say differently.

We wear our age, no matter the therapies and interventions we invest in to take away the edge of tell tale signs of ageing. But why shy away from who we naturally and proudly are?

“I tell everybody my age, which is 57, as often as possible. I consider myself a proudly visible member of the most invisible segment of our society, which is older women. I want to help redefine, in the way that I live my life, what society thinks an older woman should look like, be like, talk like, work like, and fuck like.”

Cindy Gallop
Make Your Own Money, a Ton of It!

Gallop grandly disabuses that other myth we drank milk on, that finding and marrying a wealthy, successful man is the pathway to living happily ever after. Seeing a man as “a financial strategy” is no strategy at all, she implores!

And of course she’s right, for marriage where a woman is on the financial back foot, even if tinged with love, is a genteel imprisonment, difficult to escape from. Breaking free, all too often goes with taking on the complicated burden of raising children single-handedly; a drain on cash, energy, and a cruel limitation on ambition, with the inevitable curtailment of possibilities one might pursue whilst still being mom, car-giver, guardian of home – roles all rewarding in themselves, though representing a new cage after escaping the marriage imprisonment.

I say to every woman, “You just set out to make as much money as possible, because we don’t get taken seriously until we get taken seriously financially.” 

Cindy Gallop

Gallop fully understands that systemic change is called for, and advocates for it.