Attraction is really weird. It flares in the eye of a stranger, stirs the senses and feels like a stretchy elastic band is enclosing you with this person across the room. It just happens. Is there, a tactile heat that warms in a cursory moment. Should you reach out to touch it, you wonder?

Amedeo Modigliani – Portrait de Jeanne,his girlffriend, painted in 1918, two years before his death and her suicide.

Risky business, I say! Risky, risky, I smile. You see, in the act of bridging the distance, in actually approaching to speak, or dance, or communicate in some way, the attraction is unveiled, moved into the glaring light.

In the starkness of the glare, that spontaneous chemistry that beckoned may dissolve into flat nothingness. Or, or be the beginning of something delicious. No way to know in advance. So don’t hold back, risky be damned!

Attraction is a gift – reach for it with soft, tender hands.