Big sound, big energy, big stage, big audience, a visceral power coursing through a larger than life personality – it’s mesmerising. And there’s the guitar – bombastic, rambunctious, electric, putting you on edge, commanding your full presence.

Rocking your soul.

Last night I watched Freddie Mercury at Live Aid in 1985, white T and jeans, slinking then prancing across the stage, long strides elastic, chest confident, he belts out the lyrics to ‘Radio Gaga’. 

Then Tina Turner and team, first sashying to slow, quiet ‘Proud Mary,’ then with a startling change of pace, hurtling off the ground with thundering lyrics. Such power, such sheer magnetism. 

I’m on fire, the blood running fast in my veins, my spirit pulsing.

Oh the seduction, the bliss of a massive audience breathless for your every word, and you, the rock star, cool, confident, sexy, powerful. I want this. You too?