Though she’s never out and out said anything, I read it in her eyes, I hear it in her unspoken words – her disapproval. My mother is not fond of my penchant for red lipstick, nudge nudge!

It’s not a deep irritation, just a superficial difference of aesthetics, I suppose. If I asked her head on, I can just hear her sharp retort: Where did I dream up the insane idea, she would probably say, fiery light in her eyes, she has no opinion on the matter.

Weird though, in the confines of my mind, there’s a memory. Did she once let slip, or did I dream it? Said very red lipstick made one look like a woman of the night, shady behaviour and all that? I think she did, or something close enough. Then never again, said nothing more about this topic!

Funny how perspectives change from one generation to the next, and how standing up for our individual choices requires some spirit, some resistance, some standing our ground, even when it’s about the harmless subject of red lipstick. Smile smile.