In Johannesburg during the winter, the air is chalk dry. My skin aches with irritation. Hydration is called for.  Should it be water or oil based? Would exfoliation be a good idea? A soothing balm? A heavy face oil? Maybe a rich emollient cream? What is being asked for?

What do I need?

Within ourselves, dry patches also arise.  Below the skin, deep in the spaces and crinkles of our interior selves, one suddenly becomes aware of a thirsting, an inner parched need for something. Something, but what exactly? 

More rest, less rushing? More walks in nature? More intimate conversations?  More alone time? More touching? An overdue decision? A shift in thinking? Hard to know. Probe to unveil.

The thirst not quenched though, slowly intensifies, quietly erodes. The self is asking for something. It dare not be ignored.