You know how some days you get dressed, look in the mirror, and feel an inner click – yes! Something about your whole look just screams “you-ness.” On point-ness. I look exactly like me, I tell myself, grinning broadly. 

It’s not that each item of clothing is designer or haute, yet somehow in the achieved silhouette, the combination of just so details, the colour spread, the mix of fabrics, textures – what’s been struck is the outward chemistry of me, and that matters. A lot. 

“What we wear has so much power. Every item in our wardrobe communicates emotions and ideas. “


Our style choices constitute an eloquent, powerful language that signals to the world: this is who I am. But way more important is the deep satisfaction of achieving through clothes an expression of how one is inwardly. That secure, sure-footed feeling that comes with being in sync with the self.